Even though the weather can’t decide if it’s winter or spring, you can prepare your home for the exciting new season full of sunshine that’s upon us! Spring! Gone are the cold, short days, it’s time to welcome the warm weather as the Earth seems to come alive once again with flowering buds and green trees. We are here to help with some tips for ushering spring into your home. Keep these ideas in mind while exploring the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo! 
Fresh color. 
If you’re done with the dark and cold winter blues, change up some colors in your home to bring new life to the inside of your home. Moving your home’s interior design look to spring does not equal baby blue, light yellow or a playful pink. Instead, think about bringing a bold or vibrant hue in with your new design. Strong colors are looking to be a popular home trend this year and can be used to make a big change without having to redo an entire space. Changing pillows and rugs can make huge impact with your fresh color. 
Natural light. 
With spring, longer days are coming with much more natural light flooding your home. After the dark winter, there’s nothing that freshens up a home like natural lighting and an open window. If you are looking for a big change, new windows and treatments can change an entire room. Explore all the windows and window treatment options during the expo to find your next new look.
Refreshing greenery. 
The trees are blooming, but what about having some indoor greenery? If you’re not confident in your indoor gardening skills, there are many plants that are easy to maintain available. Spider plants, umbrella trees and photos are a good place to start if you are looking to brighten up the room with some easy, indoor greenery.
Bold wall decor. 
Welcome the promise of a new season with a fresh and invigorating piece of art or wall décor. Perfect for incorporating into your new color as mentioned above, take the time to find a piece that inspires you in this time that’s perfect for fresh, bright colors. When the season is gone, consider storing the piece during the winter and circulating your pieces to keep your home décor seasonally in tune. 
As you explore all the refreshing looks at the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo, be sure to chat with experts and be inspired. From colors, to light, plants and décor, make changes to your home and help welcome spring! Get your tickets today and we’ll see you at the show March 13-15
Mar 9, 2020, 14:00 PM